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Let us be a part of your next race or event. We use the Jaguar RFID Timing System from  Innovative Timing Systems. These timing systems are the top timing systems in the industry when it comes to features and performance. Innovative Timing System is the largest timing manufacturer in North and South America.

We can time a wide range of events. The events can include, but are not limited to road races, cross country, triathlons, cycling, time trials, Kart, and adventure type races. Got a new idea for a race or event? Give us a call, we can discuss your needs and determine the best type of equipment and chip to take your event to the next level.

Part of the options we can provide are tower structures for your start and finish lines, LCD TV time clock display, preliminary live scrolling results display, final results (printed, emailed, uploaded to website), and a finish chute.